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AYC Racing

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By Walter Meagher
Posted: 2019-07-01T20:03:00Z
AYC friends!  First,  last Wednesday nights racing.  We started at the green buoy in Fidalgo Bay and our weather mark was the south mark, so far so good wind was kind of from the south - next we sent downwind to the north mark at Guemes, still pretty good - we rounded the mark and went to set the chute and the wind shifted 180 degrees so that we started to reach then were closed hauled because the wind had shifted to a southerly.  Lots of fun and challenging!!
     Next, Thursday AM at 0900 we had the first yoga/stretching class of this summer!  It was only Jan and 3 guys!  We all got a good workout and got stretched out nicely!  I, for one, really need this in my life! I am sooo stiff that I have never been able to touch my toes - ever!  It helps my back pain and general range of motion.  I recently hurt my shoulder,feels like rotator cuff, so I was not able to do some of the motions but nonetheless I did what I could and am better for it!  If you missed it last week please come down on Thursdays at 0900 for the rest of the summer!
     And last, we will be rafting up for the July 4th fireworks show again this year! We did so last year and all had a lot of fun!  I will put the barbeque on Sunshine Girl and cook up some hot dogs for any hungry persons.  We will use Tim Wenger's mooring as an anchor.  If you want to come out but don't want to bring your boat contact me and I will try to find a spot for you.  Best seat available for the show!! Walt Meagher