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Final, final for 2015!

You know you wanna say you were there! Saturday, Sept, 3rd, 2015 (punctuated correctly) will long be remembered as the Commodores Race that was all that (anda baga chips). Even if'n you missed all the other ultra fun regattas this year, this day is for you. Each year the racers get together to celebrate with the man (or woman) that makes everything happen at the club. First there is a sailing... Continue reading this entry

Calling all Hippies and Poachers

There has long been a tradition in sailing and I'm not sure if it grew with the Great Northwest where I grew up or if it's a worldwide thing. In any case occasionally a yacht will fail to officially register for a regatta through a paperwork snafu or other clerical error. Now the boat and captain and crew find themselves at the regatta site all dressed up and ready to go and not invited to the... Continue reading this entry
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