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Oh Canada!

For those in the know not only is it payday tomorrow for those that get paid on the first and the 15th, it is also Canada Day, eh. Although it says on the calendar Roethle's are cookin, they are actually visiting Canada. Schwenks are in the galley in their stead. We thought about back bacon and elk fritters but settled on poutine. If you have never tucked into this Canadian delicacy you are in... Continue reading this entry

In the Pink

Sunday is a funday to do something special for a great cause. High noon at good ol AYC come join the merriment to support the funding for breast cancer research. Stephanie Schwenk will fill you in on all the details but all you really need to know is right here. You need a sailboat with some ladies aboard, all the pink you are willing to wear in 80 degree heat or just use body paint, a checkbook... Continue reading this entry
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